Investor Relations

Message from the chairman

Moong Pattana International Public Company Limited has been listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) for 7 years and has been able to maintain a sustainable growth rate over several years in the past.

Owing to the world economy depression during the past years, Thai economy in general has also been affected. Despite of the fact that quite a number of business sectors have been operating with suffering results for such tough business time, Moong Pattana International Public Company Limited has still been able to maintain sustainable growth with steady secure credit and reliable performance. In 2015, the Company had an outstanding achievement in profit in accordance with the equity method at earing profit of 0.56 Baht per share which was increased from 0.48 Baht per share in 2014. The Company net profit has obviously been increased from its previous 8.3% to 11.2% in 2015. Moreover, in 2015 return on equity ratio (ROE) was increased to 14.7% as compared to 13% in 2014. With the above-mentioned outstanding performance, the Board of Director has been much satisfied on its productive results.

The Company, moreover, has announced the increase of its registered share capital from 120 million Baht to 144.157 million Baht in order to support the company's future business expansion. As far as the executive committee is concerned, Ms.Suwanna Chokdee-anand has been promoted to be the Chief Executive Officer on June 1, 2015 to replace myself who currently holds the position of the Executive Committee Advisor and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In addition, the Remuneration Committee of the Company has been newly appointed in 2015.

Since the past year, the Company has been expanded steadily to generate widen distribution channels, so that new products owners have appointed the Company as their Exclusive Distributor. At the same period of time, the products exported to the Lao People's Democratic Republic has been continuously expanded and received the consequential growth. We can conquer the large market share in there, despite of the high competition and purchasing power is involved. With the above sound reasons of successful operations, the Company is still in its Number 1 position in the market share of baby bottle and nipples products under the Pigeon Brand as well as to become one of the top three of market share for Personal Care Products under the V-Care Brand. We have severely promoted the product image and received the highly acceptable trust by the customers and partners very well.

In 2016, the Company will have to preserve growing onwards under the good compliance of the Corporate Governance Report (CGR), preventive measure regarding to the anti-corruption policy as our Company's intentionally announced in 2014. We are leading the Company to grow ethically, morally for sustainable growth, beside of promotion on the people development and good morale of working of all employees to contribution the end result of greater working efficiency in finally.

As the Chairman, I am firmly confident that the Company will encourage quality development in all management aspects with good ethics, proper code of conducts to be strengthen company and be able to compete with locally and Asian Region country markets with high confident to achieve our desirable targets with optimum success.

Mr. Sumeth Lersumitkul
Chairman of the Board