Investor Relations

Message from the chairman

Moong Pattana International Company Limited, I, Mr. Sumeth Lersumitkul, along with the Board of Directors, Executive Members and Employees have greatly grieved and mourned by the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Phrabat Somedet Phra Poraminthara Maha Bhumibol. As we deeply appreciate on His majesty’s immeasurable grace we all pledge to determine and cherish implementation on His Majesty’s speech and the Royal Address of His Majesty the King in our lives and business practice forever.

Moong Pattana aims to be a high performing company regarding on the top quality of products and services with Good Corporate Governance, proper Code of Conducts and good ethics in our business operation. In 2016, the Company announced its intentions to be an alliance of the Thai Private Sector in opposing corruption (Collective Action Coalition, CAC). Also this year, we reviewed and revised the Good Corporate Governance, Business Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Suppliers, including Anti-Corruption Practices and Policies. We have firmly applied and submitted the Anti-Corruptions Practice documentation and received the CAC Certificate already on the October 14, 2016. As we are leading the Company to grow ethically, morally for sustainable growth under the good compliance with Global International standard practice continually, so we have received the increasing of grade evaluated by the Corporate Governance Report (CGR) of Thai Listed Company to 4 stars in 2016 which was improved from 3 stars in the previous year.

In 2016, the Company had continuously achieved in business growth by sales increased 5.8% from 2015, also having achievement in profit in accordance with the equity method at earning profit of 0.52 Baht per share. With the above-mentioned performance achievement, it was come from the high determination of the Board of Directors, Executive Members and Employees to driven them thoroughly the years.

From this moment, the Company will earnestly develop its business adhering to “The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of The King Bhumibol” and drive together with Era Thailand 4.0 into “Stability, Wealthy and Sustainability”. The Company focuses on effective operation, to adaptable reinforcement with the modern technological changes and also to develop employees’ capabilities which are the significant engine of key success factors in the organization. In addition, The Company has focused to expansion business into the New Engines of Growth in the digital market which is enlarging to serving the ultimate consumer behavior. This also will support us to achieve higher opportunities to overcome various customer groups in around the world.

Finally, on behalf of the Company Moong Pattana, I am firmly confident that the Board of Directors, Executive Members and Employees will determine our hearts and souls to move forward in consistency with solid mission and strategic operational plan, adhering under the Good Corporate Governance Policy in order to create shareholders and stakeholders’ return with successful sustainably.

Mr. Sumeth Lersumitkul
Chairman of the Board