Investor Relations

Company's Background

Moong Pattana International Public Company Limited (formerly known as Moong Pattana Marketing Company Limited) was established on January 29, 1981 by Mr. Sumeth Lersumitkul with registered capital of THB 10 Million with the initial aim to import and oversee sales distribution of kitchen wares. In the year 1988, the Company was the only company in Thailand to be given a license to produce, use, and sell the brand trademark "Pigeon," the mother and childcare product from Japan. With the expertise and experience of the Company's executives, the Company saw continuous growth with significant changes and past developments as follow:


The company was appointed to be the sole distributor of Elleair tissue paper from Japan, Lord disposable razors from Egypt, and Mumu adult diapers, a Thailand manufacturer and Herbaland Kid's Gummies from Canada. There was a cancellation of distribution for 4-Care which included Tastifit coconut cream alternative and Balance organic rice drink.
The Company increased its registered capital to 200 million Baht which was comprised of 200 million shares at a value of 1 Baht per share. For the year ending December 31, 2015, there was paid-up share capital of 144.157 million shares in order to expand and strengthen business operations. The capital increase is described as follows:
  1. Issued ordinary shares in the amount of 24 million shares in order to support the rights of warrants holders who exercised their warrants for the first time in order to purchase ordinary shares. In 2015, the number of warrants converted to ordinary shares was 215,800 units.
  2. Issued ordinary shares in the amount of 5 million shares in order to support the rights of the ESOP Project warrants holders to purchase ordinary shares (this project has not yet begun).
  3. Issued and offered ordinary shares in the amount of 24 million shares to existing shareholders in proportion to their respective shareholding (Right Offering) in which the company received the full amount of the paid-up share capital.
  4. Issued and offered ordinary shares in the amount of 27 million shares under the Private Placement Person that are unrelated to the company (this project has not yet begun).
  5. Debentures project for 500 Million Baht.


The Company was appointed as the distributor of baby and kids swimwears branded Splash About from The United Kingdom. New Pigeon breast pads "Honey Comb" was introduced to the market, the superior feature of absorbancy. The Company was also appointed as the distributor of baby food and snacks branded Peachy, the distributorship has been granted for Cambodia territory. Additionally, the Company terminated the distribution of Rebisco wafers and crackers and Revival Care foot peeling. The Company also implemented new ERP-SAP System, aiming to improve operations efficiency in order to support the expansion of AEC businesses in the near future.


The Company debuted the “Meet the Expert – Expertise from truly an deeply understanding the mom’s need of raising baby” campaign to emphasize the expertise on research and development from Pigeon Research and Development Center in Japan resulting the offering of Pigeon quality products for mother and baby. The new products have been introduced to increase the variety within the baby wipes category with lanolin formula 20 pcs, and the baby bottles category.

In regard to business expansion, the Company was appointed as a distributor of the wafers and crackers category under the Rebisco brand by Andaman International Resources Co., Ltd. Additionally, the Company had introduced to the market new products within the adult wipes category, V-Care Natural Wipes in Hello-Kitty Design and V-Care Men Refreshing Wipes with Cool Max Formula. In order to improve the image of V-Care Cotton product to be modernized and satisfy consumer needs for variety, the company had introduced, within the cosmetic cottons segment, a new product, Beauty and Makeup cottons. Toward the end of 2013, the Company began to expand into an international market through the Company’s first-ever distribution of product into Laos under the V-Care and Jordan brands, setting up for future success into the AEC market.


Under Pigeon brand, numerous new product has been releasing into the market such as peristaltic plus nipple, children toothbrush and toothpaste as well as straw cup (Mag Mag). In this year, the company has been trusted to distribute dental care product under the brand “Jordan” and PPN Foods Co.,Ltd. manufacturer of chili season under the brand “Roongjaruen”, beside of the Company had cancelled the distribution of the product brand “YURA” product. In order to facilitate the continuous growth, the Company in partnership with DHL, the world leading logistic, to effectively manage the Company’s crucial inventory.


The Company had launched the “Pigeon Little Moments Club” project which is the communication channels for customers. The project provides advice of raising baby or products details. In this year, the Company had cancelled the distribution of the product brand “Jintan”.


The Company signed an Distributorship Agreement with Thai Multiple Company Limited, Sirimongkhon Intertrade Company Limited, Thai Jintan Company Limited, 4CARE Company Limited to distribute the products under band “YURA” “BR” “Jintan” and “4CARE” respectively


The Company signed an Distributorship Agreement with P.I.P International Company Limited to distribute Exfoliating Foot Pack under the brand “Revival Care.”


• The Company was ISO 9001:2000 certified by United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Company Limited in January. The Company held an Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting 2/2008 held on March 18, 2008, and passed a resolution to increase capital and pay up by THB 40 million, resulting in THB 90 million from THB 50 million and approved dividend payment of THB 60 million.
• The Company held a Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting 5/2008 held on August 29, 2008 and passed the resolution to conversion to public company and change the Company’s name to “Moong Pattana International Public Company Limited” and splitting stock value from THB 100 per share to THB 1 per share followed by the raising capital from THB 90 million to THB 120 million by issuing 30 million shares of common stock for initial public offering. Additionally, dividend payment of THB 21.6 million was approved.


The Company acquired the Smile-V, Smart-V, and B-Care trademarks from Misis Company Limited (“Misis”) which sells daily consumer product and formerly distributed in provinces outside of Bangkok. However, Misis does not have any other relationship with the Company.


The Company held its Extraordinary Shareholder’s meeting 1/2006 on November 21, 2006, and passed a resolution to of THB 115 million.


YMP increased registered capital from THB 125 million to THB 300 million equaling to 3,000,000 shares for the purpose of expanding the factory. The Company had sold back 287,500 shares to Yoshino Japan and bought only some new shares, resulting in the shareholding structure in YMP decreasing to only 6% of issued and paid-up capital.


PIT increased capital from THB 120 million to THB 144 million, or 14,400,000 units of shares for factory expansion. The Company sold back 840,000 shares to Pigeon Corporation and did not acquire new share capital, resulting in a decrease in PIT shareholding to 2.5% of issued and paid-up capital.


TP increased capital from THB 20 million to THB 122 million or 1,220,000 shares in total for the purpose of expanding production capacity. The Company increased its stake in TP to 47% of issued and paid-up capital, or 573,400 units of shares held.


The Company entered a joint venture with Pigeon Corporation to establish Pigeon Industries Thailand Company Limited (“PIT”) with aims to produce and distribute breast pads and baby wipes. PIT’s first registered capital was THB 120 million with 12,000,000 share, 1,200,000 shares of which the Company owns 10% of issued and paid-up capital.


The company entered a joint venture with Yoshino Kokusho (Japan) (“Yoshino Japan”) and Nomura Jimusho Inc. (Japan) in order to set up Yoshino Moong Pattana (Thailand) Company Limited (“YMP”). The Joint Venture Company built a factory to produce plastic product and packaging such as spray pumps for liquid products, bottle packaging, and coated plastic. YMP was first registered at THB 125 million, with 1,250,000 numbers of shares, 437,500 shares of which is held by the Company, or 35% of issued and paid-up capital.


The Company increased registered capital to THB 50 million at THB 100 per share value and 500,000 shares in total for business expansion.


The Company entered a joint venture with Pigeon Corporation to establish Thai Pigeon Company Limited (“TP”) with the objective to produce and distribute nipples and nursers, and plastic parts for local and international distribution. TP was first registered with THB 20 million capital, with 200,000 units of shares, 84,000 shares of which the Company holds, or 42% of the issued and paid-up capital.


The Company was the only company in Thailand that had been granted license to produce, use, and sell, as well as apply the Pigeon Trademark from Pigeon Corporation from Japan.


Established by Mr. Sumeth Lersumitkul under the name “Moong Pattana Marketing Company Limited” with registered capital of THB 10 million and THB 100 per share