Investor Relations

Company's Business

The Company engages in sales distribution and acts as a sales agent for consumer goods for the following 3 categories:

  1. Mothercare and Baby Accessories under the brand Pigeon

    from Japan by focusing on products for infants of 0-3 years-old, as well as products for mothers by providing accessories that cover all childcare needs (for example, milk bottles, toddler’s food feeder, breast pads, and baby wipes, etc.). The 3 sources of these products are TP factory, PIT factory, and foreign imports.

  2. Kitchen wares and daily consumer product,

    including a water spray bottle called Foggy, stainless steel knives under the Gerlach brand, and other consumer goods under different brands such as V-Care (cotton products, toothbrush, and sponge) and Smile-V (sprayer). The Company owns the aforementioned brands and is also the distributor of Foot Exfoliating product under the brand “Revival Care”, Whitening and Sun screen product under the brand “YURA”, Talcum product under the brand “BR”, cereal drink and cereal cream under the brand “4CARE”

  3. Plastic product and packaging

    such as sprayers, pumper, liquid bottle containers, etc. The Company is the distributor of YMP which mostly produces business-to-business products.

The Company possesses market expertise and engages in brand and trademark management with the objective of gaining recognition and retaining existing customer’s loyalty through marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the Company is an expert in sales distribution with a nationwide distribution channel by means of modern trade, traditional trade, cash van, and other channels of distribution such as direct sales and e-commerce, etc. There are more than 8,000 stores and outlets selling The Company’s products countrywide. The Company’s market presence provided the potential for the Company to act as the sales agent for other products that are in high demand in Thailand. The Company’s increased portfolio of products in which it oversees sales and distribution has proven profitable for the company as demonstrated in the operating results.

In addition to operating as the distributor and sales agent for consumer goods, the Company is the trading partner of 3 companies: TP, PIT, and YMP, with a shareholding structure of 47%, 2.5%, and 6%, respectively. The joint investment has led to the Company to being a sole distributor and trading partner in Thailand, thus increasing profitability in the form of dividend payments.