Investor Relations

Company's Business

Moong Pattana International Public Company Limited former known as Moong Pattana Marketing Company Limited was established in 1981 and operated in importing and distributing quality kitchenware. In 1988, the Company was granted the right to manufacture, use and to be an exclusive distributor in Thailand of products under the trademark, "Pigeon" which is the number one brand of mother and baby products from Japan. Renowned for its expertise and experiences in brand management and nationwide network of distribution channels in Thailand, the Company expanded the distribution business and was appointed to be the distributor of other products aiming to generate into the market in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, resulting in the Company possess greater number of distributed products and constantly grows in the business.

Currently, the Company operates in 3 main businesses as follows:

  1. Own brand:
    • V care: cotton pads, wipes, toothbrush and foam soap products
    • Foggy: spraying bottles products
    • Smile V: spraying bottles products
    • Milk me: milk tablet
  2. Distributor Business: resulting from the Company's expertise in marketing through brands management which distributed by the Company to raise market awareness and consistently maintain target groups' loyalty in the products and brand via marketing activities and distributing through nationwide channels to include Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, Cash Van, and other such as Food Service and E-Commerce, etc.
  3. Joint venture Business: In addition to operating in the distribution business and being the distributor of consumer products, the Company also engages in three joint-ventures i.e. TP, PIT and YMP in which the Company holds the equities of 47%, 2.5% and 6% respectively. As a result, the Company was authorized as the sole distributor in Thailand of the joint ventures' products and has been receiving the returns through the dividends.

The Company aims at the distribution of the consumer products and focusing in these 4 core groups as follows:

  1. Baby and Mom Product
    • Pigeon - high quality mother and baby aged 0-3 year products from Japan
    • Splash About - swimwear and swimming aids for babies and kids from United Kingdom
    • Ai-oon - butterfly pea baby hair serum and snow lotus balm
  2. Personal care & house hold Product
    • V care - wipes, cotton pad, cotton buds and cotton balls toothbrush
    • Jordan - oral care products, toothbrush, dental floss toothpaste
    • Hero - garbage bag, zippered bag and plastic bag
    • Plante - Shampoo for white hair (5 minutes)
    • Foggy - Spraying bottles
    • Smile V - Spraying bottles
    • Bio-women - hair serum
  3. Food and Beverage Product
    • Big Foot - Sour plum candy and sour power, lollipop for kids
    • Himmalaya - Salt lemon candy and mint candy
    • Forest - fruit jam fomular
  4. Senior Product
    • Mumu - Adult diapers